How To Get the Most Value from a 360 Leadership Assessment

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Four Benefits of a 360 Leadership Assessment

With the results of a 360 leadership assessment you will gain:

  • Awareness. Even if you know where you want to go, if you don’t know your current location it will be hard to chart the course to your destination. A 360 Leadership Assessment gives you an awareness of your current “location” in your leadership development path so that you can plan your future.
  • Focus. Your report and coaching will give you a better understanding of both your strengths and weaknesses from a variety of perspectives — from your boss, your peers, your team and others. Both the report and the coaching give you objective comparisons of these viewpoints to match with your own.
  • Efficiency. With the information and perspective you gain from a 360 degree leadership assessment, you will get better “traction” in all of your learning efforts. You will know which skills you want to improve first to enhance your leadership development, and how to best make the improvement!
  • A benchmark. Benchmarks give you a way to gauge your progress over time. If you don’t know where you started, you will have a hard time seeing any progress.

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